FPFV 586-01: Post-Production Sound
Spring 2015
(FPFV-585 Production Sound class documents are here.)

Files to Download (in PDF format):

FPFV 586-01 Post-Production Sound Spring 2015 Syllabus

Link to recommended text: Pro Tools 11 Ignite!, The Visual Guide for New Users.

Link to recommended text: Pro Tools 101: An Introduction to Pro Tools 11 F381 Syllabus SP'14 .

Avid's Pro Tools Documentation: (dry, but authoritative)
Pro Tools Reference Guide
Intro to Pro Tools
Pro Tools Shortcuts
What's New in Pro Tools 11.0
online Avid Knowledge Base list of all Pro Tools 11 documentation
(There is also extensive html help within Pro Tools.)
FVTECH Technical Documents

Week 1 (January 15): Introduction
Pro Tools 11 Software Versions

FPFV 586-01 Post-Production Sound Spring 2015 Syllabus

Pro Tools 11 Quick Reference

Most common Pro Tools 11.2 keyboard shortcuts

Week 2  (January 22): Editing Basics
Some Norman McLaren FIlms with Handmade Sound on Vimeo:
Dots (1940)
Loops (1940)
Le Merle (1949)
Neighbours (1952)
Text Description of the Pro Tools Edit Menu

Basic Edit Window Navigation

Creating New Tracks

Pro Tools Keyboard Diagram

Lab 1 (due Jan 29)

Week 3 (January 29): Sound Effects & Video Intro

Soundminer 4 sound effects retrieval software

Soundminer keyboard shortcuts

T.H.E. Music Library categories

What to do if you can't audition clips

What to do if you get no sound

Lab 2

Sources of Free Sound Effects:




Free Sound Effects Archive

SoundDogs.com (not free -- sold by the effect)
Film Sound Cliches:

Film Sound Stereotypes and Common Logic Flaws

Video compilation of "The Wilhelm Scream"

Really long video compilation of "The Wilhelm Scream"

List of WIlhelm Scream films

Wilhelm Scream Take 1, 3, & 4

1931 Frankenstein "Castle Thunder"

Week 4  (February 5): More Editing Practice
List of one-stroke Keyboard Focus Shortcuts

Image of Pro Tools keyboard

Block diagram of simplified Edit Template

Block diagram of Mix Template

Lab 3

Movie for Lab 3 (Small: 19 MB)

Movie for Lab 3 (Large: 58 MB)

Stuff from the BBC:

Full version of BBC's "The Alchemists of Sound" (59 minutes)

Craig's short version of BBC's "The Alchemists of Sound" (18 minutes)

Audio Interview with Delia Derbyshire (31 minutes)

Delia Derbyshire's original version of the Dr. Who theme

Week 5  (February 12): Equalizers
Principles of Equalization

Automating Plug-Ins

Types of EQ

Peak EQ Terms

Pro Tools 11 Signal Flow

Pro Tools 11 Reverb (Aux) Track Signal Flow

Week 6 (February 18): Little Bitty Pieces
Creative Mangling

Lab 4: Mangle Up!

Week 7 (February 26): Dynamics Control
Bouncing to Disk

Space Convoution Reverb Plug-In

Principles of Dynamics

The Compressor

The Loudness War (23 MB)

Week 8 (March 5): Importing Picture Edits
Moving from Avid Media Composer to Pro Tools

Moving from Final Cut Pro X to Pro Tools

Moving from Premiere Pro to Pro Tools

Importing AAF & Video into Pro Tools

Lab 5: Busses and Sends

Week 9 (March 12): Intro to Dialog Editing
Excerpt from Dialogue Editing for Motion Pictures by John Purcell

Lab 6: Hitchin to Vegas Dialog Editing

Week 10 (March 19): 1-Minute Film Sound Session Prep
1-Minute Sound Preparation

1-Minute Film Pro Tools Session Folder (7 MB)

Week 11 (March 26): No Class -- Spring Break!

Week 12 (April 2): ADR Foley Prep &  Polishing of 1-Minute Sound

(Note: 1-Minute Preview Mixes will be during FPW class time on 4/7 or 4/8)

Week 13 (April 9): Final Polishing for 1-Minute Mixes

(Note: 1-Minute Final Mixes will be during FPW class time on 4/14 or 4/15)

Week 14 (April 16): More ADR & Foley Prep
--> We will meet in A112 Recording Studio <--
Dialog Replacement 101 (form Mix Magazine)
Preparing for an ADR session

Pulp Fiction scene to be dialog replaced

Pulp Fiction original shooting script

Pulp Fiction hand-corrected script
Pulp Fiction completed ADR script
Foley Handouts
Foley In FIlm, TV, & Games by Dane Davis

Foley article from Mix magazine

Foley article from Electronic Musician magazine

Week 15 (April 23): Recording Session: ADR & Foley in A112

Week 16 (April 30): Working With ADR & Foley
Surround Design Basics, & Monitoring Systems
Lab 7: Editing ADR
Using Vocalign to sync ADR
Basic Vocalign Manual
Full Vocalign Manual
Theatrical 5.1 Speaker Setup
5.1 Home Speaker Setup

Week 17 (May 8): Introduction to Surround Mixing
--> We will meet in A111 Mix Theater <--